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See Tech More Clearly provides the following services:

  1. Telephone and help and/or assistance via WhatsApp, Skype or direct connection to Windows 10 devices (Special Covid-19 Rate) .
  2. Discuss your technical needs according to the technology you currently use and then to advise on options and upgrades available.
  3. Help with learning more about technology and getting the most from it, such as configuring Microsoft, Apple, Google or Amazon accounts, removing software or programs that are no longer used, or downloading new programs/apps to make life easier, and configuring and assisting with using features such as OneDrive or iCloud to synchronise content across devices to enable sharing photos and files easily.
  4. Assistance with purchasing a new device online or from a physical store, then set it up, configuring Windows 10, Android, iOS or macOS to suit your needs.
  5. Provide advice by email, telephone, or in person (providing Covid-19 restrictions allow) to advise about or set up TV content and catch up and/or music and tv content providers. (Not including aerial or satellite installations.)
  6. Tweak systems so that they run more smoothly, removing temporary clutter and defragmenting and optimising computer hard drives or the storage on mobile devices so that data is stored more effectively, as well as advising on best practice to ensure computers and devices stay up to date and safe.
  7. Meet in person and provide one to one support to learn more about the devices and technology used on a daily basis, how to use it, or resolve security problems such as failing email or malware and virus infections.
Assisted Help Visits and Remote Assistance