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Service Status:

Coronavirus Update #10 Issued 12:00 Wed 28/07/21

See Tech More Clearly is continuing to operate during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  1. Telephone consultations are available to all.*
  2. Remote assistance via telephone and direct connection is available to clients running Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 devices.
  3. Remote help via telephone and either WhatsApp or Skype is available to clients and anyone else based in the United Kingdom using other devices.
  4. On-premises visits are available to anyone in England that meets these criteria:
  1. Clients or anyone in the household are not shielding.
  2. Clients or anyone in the household have not been diagnosed with Covid19 or had Covid19 symptoms (high temperature, persistent cough or loss of taste and smell) for seven days prior to the appointment.
  3. If clients are not double-vaccinated, masks and a 1-2 metre distance indoors is available to work in.
  4. A window can remain open during the visit near the working area.

Our Full Range of Services is now available again, either in person, by collect and return, or by telephone/online remote assistance as applicable:

 Internet problems

 Retuning TV’s and updating software (I do not deal with aerials or satellite dishes.)

 Problems with Android phones or tablets or iOS iPhones and iPad tablets.

 Installing printer Inks and cleaning and resetting printers.

 Problems with printers connecting to the Internet or other devices

 Slow running computers and tablets

 Windows Update issues and App updates

 Virus and Malware problems

 Inspections and repairs

 General system tweaking

 Email configurations

I can now provide a loan computer or Android phone for the time I have your device.

The following services are available by telephone and online remote assistance.

 Direct control of Windows 10 Devices via the Quick Assist App*

 Live messaging and support with images via WhatsApp or Skype during a telephone conversation for other devices not running Windows 10.

 Email and telephone recommendations and support with buying and setting up new technology including computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, televisions, broadcast or media streaming devices and smart speakers or devices.  (Including delivery and set up of items purchased if required.)

 Help with:

o Microsoft/Google/Android/Apple user accounts

o Email configurations

o Windows 10, Android or iOS/ipadOS settings, emails, apps, updates and configurations

o Help using macOS/osX computers made by Apple

o Training and support with Libre Office on either Windows 10 or macOS, Edge Browser (or Chrome Browser) [on Windows 10, macOS, Android or iOS/ipadOS, Using the Windows 10 Mail and Calendar App, working with PDF’s, File Explorer and getting the most out of Windows 10.

o Training and support with the Photos App on Windows 10, Android phones and tablets, macOS/osX (Apple) computers or iOS/ipadOS iPhones and iPad tablets.

o Training and support with OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox across all platforms, or iCloud on Apple or Windows computers and devices.

* An internet connection is required to use the Quick Assist feature built into Windows 10

Please telephone to discuss your requirements free of charge, and then book a consultation at a date and time to suit you. All charges are invoiced for payment by bank transfer or debit/credit card within 15 days after the consultation.

This replaces Lockdown Update #003 posted 06/01/21