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Our Terms & Conditions

These are Our General Terms and Conditions, which are different from Our eBay Trading Policy that is a separate document published separately.

1.0 Definitions

In the following terms:

“See Tech More Clearly” and Swedos” are Trading Names of Graham Hardy, a sole trader, trading as STMC-Swedos.

We/Us/Our means See Tech more Clearly or Swedos.

Our Website is available at,, which may also be accessed by the domain names,,, or

Services (Computer and Technology Care support and advice, Driving & Delivery and Creative Paper or Web Design) are Services offered by Us.

Products are items designed, produced, and distributed wholly by STMC-Swedos.

Items We Sell are other items that are purchased by Us and distributed by Us.

The Proprietor is the owner and manager in charge of See Tech More Clearly / Swedos (STMC-Swedos)

The Client or You is the person who purchases or makes use of Our Services or uses Our Products or Items We Sell.

2.0 Copyright and Intellectual Property

Photographs, graphics and design of paper documents and online websites, associated logos, graphics and products or items produced by Us are Copyright and may not be reproduced or copied in any way without Our direct written permission. Logos graphics and photographs not owned by Us are Copyright to their respective owners. Design work done for You (by Us) such as websites, graphic design/artwork or leaflets and posters, becomes Your Copyright after payment for work Invoiced by Us has been received.

3.0 Services We Provide

The services we provide are stated on our Websites and

See Tech More Clearly provides in-person visits, remote assistance by telephone or electronically via instant messaging using apps such as WhatsApp and Skype, or Remote Assistance (optionally with direct control) by using Quick Assist or similar apps on computers running Windows 10 or Windows 11. We offer tuition and support with computers, tablet computers, smart phones, smart devices (including speakers, streaming devices and internet connected televisions or devices providing television services, printers, keyboards and other peripherals.  Please note that we do not install or service television aerials or satellites.

Swedos provides driving services for a few selected clients on an occasional basis, and currently offers graphic design services, designing and producing artwork ready for print of leaflets and brochures, and website design.

4.0 Buying Items We Sell

See Tech More Clearly is often donated computers and other similar devices that are restored and upgraded and sold on Ebay or Gumtree to the public or to other clients directly.  Items such as printer ink, software, or peripherals such as replacement computer devices including pointing devices and keyboards, storage devices or memory upgrades are also sourced and sold to clients directly or sold on Ebay or Gumtree websites to the general public.  The terms and conditions of each sale are included on the listing, some of which may include a limited guarantee or 15 day return period, as confirmed on the invoice/receipt for each item sold.  Disputes Returns and Refunds for items purchased on Ebay are dealt with by Ebay and covered in separate terms and conditions.  Disputes Returns and Refunds for other items are dealt with by our Proprietor.  If refunds are due they are returned via the original method of payment.

4.1 Buying Products We Make

Orders for Products may be made in person, by telephone, or email. (We will not accept orders via Instant Chat using apps such as WhatsApp or Skype unless confirmed by You by email or phone.) Products or Items We Sell may also be purchased using “Buy It Now” buttons on Our Website or other websites including eBay. Details of orders will be confirmed in writing by email or printed letter where prices, delivery charges if appropriate, and duration and details of any contracts will be agreed.

4.2 Packaging and Dispatch of Products or Items Sold

Products and Items We Sell via eBay or Gumtree that are pre-prepared and pre-packed ready for dispatch are dispatched within 2 working days of receipt of payment via PayPal. All other Products (including those that are prepared to order) are processed within 5-7 working days and invoiced or receipted on completion. Personalised items may take longer to prepare.

Everything we make and sell is usually posted to UK addresses by First Class post. (Royal Mail quotes that First Class delivery takes about 1-2 days, however it is best to allow 3-7 days.) Overseas Orders are only available if delivery arrangements are confirmed and paid for in advance. Overseas clients are responsible for payment of any taxes or import duties.

5.0 Prices For Services Offered, Products or Items Sold, and Delivery Charges

Our standard rates are quoted on Our Website. Prices for Services are quoted individually, usually in writing by email or letter.

Delivery charges for all orders of Products or Items Sold are calculated by weight and size and are shown on each item listing.

Charges for orders that need to be posted are applied separately for each order, according to the total number of items per order. Free delivery may be available if advertised.

If free delivery is offered, it will usually be via the cheapest method of delivery, for example Second Class Post.

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If applicable, please also see our

Terms for items sold on Ebay