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Hello and welcome to See Tech More Clearly, providing a range of affordable quality IT/Technology and Design services in person across the county of Dorset on the south coast of England, or remotely via telephone, email, or other direct contact apps throughout the United Kingdom.

TechSTMC Technology Support offers advice, tuition, and help with computers, phones, tablets and smart devices including, streaming devices and smart televisions.  We specialise in working with older people, doing our best to explain things clearly, and provide the best solutions for streamlining and simplifying the use of technology.

Our services include:

Advising on how to use computers and tablets running the Windows operating system, tablets running Android, Amazon Fire, or iPad OS, smart phones running either Android or iOS, and a range of other devices including Chromecast, Amazon Fire Sticks, and Smart Televisions.

Assistance with maintaining, fixing, upgrading, malware and security, backing up, restoring and setting up new devices.

One to One Tuition and support and assistance with learning simple tasks from using Windows (including managing email, using the Internet, using File Explorer and managing the Start Menu and Settings app), learning a word processor such as Microsoft Word or Libre Office, and basic photo and video editing skills.

Our charges are based on only £25.00 per hour for a visit, with reductions for online only support, tuition-only visits, and set fees for half or full days.

DesignSTMC Design provides simple affordable brochure, leaflet and photo design services, including basic photo editing and video creation.  Simple tasks such as photo editing are charged at £20.00 per hour, and more advanced projects such as video or photo book creation are provided on a set-fee basis, which include an initial in-person visit of up to two hours.

Charges for all services are payable in several different ways: Invoiced for payment by bank transfer or via credit/debit card, by cash in person, or by debit/credit card in person.

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