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See Tech More Clearly
helps explain and simplify information technology

Devices should make life easier. Using them should not be daunting or complicated. They may even be enjoyable! It was much simpler when most people had one computer and a landline. Email, letter writing, internet browsing, games and music were all consumed on one device by the whole family. There was no need for clouds or user accounts linking every-thing together.

Since the advent of the mobile phone with internet speeds that rival home broadband, and the availability of television catchup services, music and internet streaming, social media and subscription services for media and office productivity, offered by many different companies all with different products, services and security, it has all become somewhat confusing.

As our name suggests, See Tech More Clearly specialises in simplifying, streamlining and making technology work for our clients. Taking control of Microsoft, Google or Apple Accounts, deciding which apps and services are preferred, and enabling them to work in harmony on preferred devices.  

For over 20 years our proprietor, Graham Hardy, has been assisting clients to make the most out of their technology. Focusing on Microsoft’s Windows operating systems but also working with Apple, Android, and Amazon Fire devices, we streamline services and link devices together to allow them to work in tandem, considering functionality, privacy, security and ease of use.

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