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About See Tech More Clearly

Graham Hardy started trading as “Swedos Tech Support” in 2006 on becoming self-employed following a demanding career in customer service and management within the spheres of education, travel and tourism.  Originally the intention had been to set up a different business called “Shall We Do Something?” which is where the original “Swedos” name came from, but that wasn’t viable.

Graham and his father, Clive, had always been interested in technology. Clive worked in the defence industry developing security systems and equipment, and writing manuals for the devices so that they could be used to their full potential.  Throughout his childhood Clive was always bringing new pieces of tech home to explore, and Graham was often happy to play with and learn about them too. He was always keen to help others, and those he assisted with their computers, phones and other devices always appreciated his interest, calmness in explaining things, and self-taught knowledge.

In the beginning, Graham offered multiple services under the “Swedos” label, including technology support, leaflet, poster and website design, as well as driving and delivery services that included delivering hanging baskets of flowers throughout England and Wales. For several years he was even a DJ at a local pub in Wareham, although his exploits with music are now strictly a hobby, there are a variety of different mixes available on his Mixcloud.

Find out more about Graham’s own experiences with technology here.

Since 2016, Graham has been a “Windows Insider” and has a good reputation within the Microsoft Tech Community as a contributor providing feedback suggestions and comment about Microsoft’s products and services including Windows, Edge Browser, along with Microsoft Launcher and Link to Windows on Android. Graham occasionally receives acknowledgements from Microsoft in thanks for assisting with the development of practices to suit older users of technology.

See Tech More Clearly currently services over 50 clients in Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and London in person, and more through remote telephone and direct connected support elsewhere. The majority of new clients are gained through word of mouth.

In 2019 Graham refocused and started trading as STMC-Swedos, and promoting the See Tech More Clearly name, whilst continuing to offer occasional design and driving work too.  In 2022 the main client for driving changed their business model, and so now Graham is further focusing See Tech More Clearly to provide STMC Tech Support and STMC Design services, and in 2024 relaunched fully as See Tech More Clearly, consigning the “Swedos” name to history.