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Email us: Please click this button to send us a message by email.  This should open the default email app on your device, or otherwise will show our email address that can be copied to send us a message.

Call us: Please call us any time between 10am and 9pm Mon-Sat. If we are driving or unavailable please leave a message with your name and number. This number must not be used for marketing calls.

Write to us: For security, we no longer publish our address online. If you are a current or previous customer, our address is on our invoices, otherwise please email or call us.

Dorset • England

If required, please read our Terms & Conditions before making contact.

This live calendar shows booked appointments during which we are unavailable by telephone or in person.

“Available Remotely” means that we are available to assist by phone or email.

Appointments are available 10am-9pm Monday to Saturday.

Please email or call to make enquiries or to request a booking for a visit locally in Dorset or surrounding counties, or for a remote assistance session.

Enquiries & Bookings