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See Tech More Clearly provides help and assistance with computers, tablets, phones and smart devices. One-to-one simple lessons in using Windows, Android, or Amazon Fire devices are available locally throughout Dorset.

We can also assist with upgrading (and associated data transfers), finding and purchasing new or pre-owned devices, and optionally setting them up so that they are easy to use and tailored personally to the user.  If desired, we can advise on linking Windows and Android to allow computers, phones and tablets to work seamlessly together.

We advise on the different versions of Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Microsoft Office) and their relevant subscriptions and benefits, but also recommend and set up the free alternative Libre Office for those who only require basic documents spreadsheets and presentations that are still compatible with Microsoft 365 or work as open documents without subscription.

See Tech More Clearly can diagnose system problems, tweak and improve systems for better running, or assist with virus and malware infections, and advise on data security.  Set up of smart speakers, discussing music subscription choices, and configuring Smart TV’s or casting devices is also available.

We specialise in working with older people and consumers without much understanding of technology.

Our Tech Support visits are charged on an hourly basis, starting at £25.00/hour for the first three hours, then fixed fees for half or full day tasks. Our rates are affordable, competitive, and payment methods are very flexible, including options to pay by invoice, card, or for in-person visits, by cash or card.

Remote assistance by email is free for the first 15 minutes of any task or query, followed by reduced hourly rates.  Remote Assistance sessions may also be booked for specific periods to provide support via Skype/WhatsApp and if using a Windows device, via direct control.

Please visit our Enquiries page to see our live calendar and find out how to contact us with queries or to make a booking.